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Engagement Ring
Bespoke unique engagement rings handmade throughout hampshire and west sussex designed by HR Jewellery Designs

Handmade engagement rings

Our engagement rings are made in our workshop near Chichester on the West Sussex / Hampshire Border

Handmade diamond engagement rings in West Sussex, hampshire by HR Jewellery Designs.

Whether you fall in love with a handmade diamond Engagement Ring from my Studio Collections, or choose to have an engagement ring designed and custom handmade so your engagement ring is total unique the same love, care and attention goes into the designing and hand making of each and every single engagement ring. From choosing the right Diamonds and presious stones through to the unveiling of your gorgeous engagement ring.

Bespoke handmade Engagement rings by HR Jewellery Designs in West Sussex / Hampshire.
If you are looking for something even more unique Holly can also talk you through the process of bespoke design Engagement Rings to create a completely one-off bespoke engagement ring handmade on the West Sussex / Hampshire border near Chichester. 
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You're not ordinary, so why should you settle for mass-produced, high street jewellery when, instead, you could own something unique,

a beautiful piece of jewellery designed and handmade just for you.

I could design and create something original, exclusively for you, customise one of my designer studio engagement ring collection or even transform some old gold, inherited jewellery or no longer worn pieces of jewellery into a completely new and unique piece of jewellery.

If you'd like to have a beautiful piece of unique jewellery designed and handmade just give me a call or email.


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