Melting and Remaking Sentimental Jewellery

Redesigning and Remodelling Judith's jewellery to make yellow gold and multi stone stacking ring


Judith came to me with some very special personal jewellery that meant a lot to her.

All the stones in the various rings told a story of past and present and Judith wanted to be able to wear them as a ring all together.

Judith also said she was really tough on her jewellery so wanted it to withstand being worn everyday.


The idea was to also incorporate a brand new stone into this design. It was to be a beautiful yellow sapphire. 

As the brief was wide with no strict design my job was to narrow down what Judith actually wanted from her new ring which she wouldn’t know until she saw it designed. With this in mind I was able to sketch Judith several very different ideas.


jewellery for remodelling by HR Jewellery Designs West Sussex/ Hampshire
Bespoke Jewellery Remodel Designs by HR Jewellery Designs Southsea, Hampshire
Loose Stones for Jewellery Remodelling with HR Jewellery Designs Southsea, Hampshire

Judith’s special personal rings and jewellery for remodelling


Three different coloured Yellow sapphires for Judith to choose from



Sketches and ideas for Judith’s new ring


After chatting through my sketches, designs and ideas with Judith she was able to choose the design that she loved and that would suit her life style. 

I loved getting several princess cut yellow sapphires in to show Judith so she could choose the exact colour she wanted.

As it happened one was perfect as it was her husbands favourite colour from the pantone chart!


Judith chose the design where i had designed her ring to be made up of three separate rings. this meant they could be stacked together in different ways and not always be worn all together giving Judith maximum versatility. 

Judith’s beautiful Blue Sapphires and Green Emerald look stunning while the new yellow princess cut Sapphire makes a perfect addition set in the rich yellow gold.

Stacking Ring Jewellery Redesign | Jewellery Remodel by HR Jewellery Designs Southsea, Hampshire

Three rings set with diamond, sapphires and Emeralds                                                    


Stone Set Stacking Ring Remodelled jewellery by HR Jewellery Designs Southsea, Hampshire

All three of Judith’s rings


Unique Trio of Stacking Rings | Jewellery Remodel by HR Jewellery Designs Southsea, Hampshire

The stones are set low as Judith is tough on her jewellery


If you have been thinking about Remodelling existing jewellery to create you very own unique piece I would love to hear from you.

To find out more please phone the studio on 07970 963 883, or email me at

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