Signet Ring Rebuilt Using Sentimental Gold by HR Jewellery Designs

Remade Yellow Gold Signet Ring Remodel

Jewellery Rebuild by HR Jewellery Designs Petersfield, Hampshire

My client got in touch wanting to know if the band of their Gold Signet Ring could be rebuilt/ repaired using the gold from a wedding band they had. 

I was more than delighted to say my answer was yes!


The signet ring was very sentimental to their daughter but obviously un-wearable as it was.

Her parents want the remodelled signet ring to be a surprise for their daughter’s birthday. 


My clients were over joyed with the out come.

Beautiful old Gold signet ring with a broken thin shank and the Wedding Band that would be used to rebuild the shank of the signet ring.

signet ring rebuild and remodel by HR Jewellery Designs Petersfield, Hampshire

Remodelled Gold Signet Ring.

After the final buff and polish this ring

was fit for the party.

Rebuilt signet ring by HR Jewellery Designs Petersfield, Hampshire

Remodelled Gold Signet Ring. 

By replacing the shank this beautiful ring

is wearable once again

If you have been thinking about Remodelling existing jewellery to create you very own unique piece I would love to hear from you.

To find out more please phone the studio on 07970 963 883, or email me at

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