Bespoke Unique Jewellery Commission Sterling Silver Red Kite Pendant by HR Jewellery Designs

Sterling Silver Red Kite Pendant Jewellery Commission

Bespoke Jewellery Commissions by HR Jewellery Designs West Sussex Jewellery Designer

Having recently made Becky’s bespoke 1mm wide wedding ring for their up and coming wedding, Jonathan came to me asking for something truly unique for their wedding day.

He told me that he wanted to surprise Becky on their special day with a pendant in the form of a Red Kite bird of prey. This bird holds very special meaning between them.

After the initial meeting I started sketching.

After showing Jonathan my initial designs he chose the one he knew Becky would love the most.

All my pieces are handmade here in West Sussex so I was able to keep him updated every step of the way.

Inital designs for a Red Kite Pendant by HR Jewellery Designs in West Sussex

Initial Red Kite Pendant sketches and Designs by HR Jewellery Designs

Red Kite Pendant sketches for HR Jewellery Designs jewellery commission | Chichester jewellery designer

Bespoke finished designs for Red Kite pendant jewellery commission

Once Becky’s beautiful pendant was ready we arranged to meet. I am delighted to say he was extremely happy.


A little while after their wedding day I received a beautiful emailing saying Becky loved her Red Kite Pendant and had been over whelmed with the

thought behind it. Needless to say Becky wore her pendant on their wedding day.


And it is stories like this that make me love what I do!

Bespoke Unique Jewellery Commission Sterling Silver Red Kite Pendant by HR Jewellery Designs

Becky’s Sterling Silver Red Kite Pendant Commission

If you love this pendant or have been thinking about commissioning your very own special piece of jewellery I would love to hear from you.

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