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Jewellery Commission

To have a piece of jewellery designed and made.

Sourcing all the metal

and stones from scratch..

Differences Between

Jewellery Commissioning and Jewellery Remodelling 

A Jewellery Commission in essence, is about to begin

its life.

A Jewellery Redesign and Remodel, already has a life

of memories.

This is the first step to owning your very own unique piece of jewellery, designed and handmade just for you.

If you haven't found what you are looking for in the high street jewellers window then bespoke could be for you and it doesn't have to cost the earth.

Our workshop is perfectly located between Southsea and Chichester on the West Sussex / Hampshire border. This is where the magic happens!

Jewellery Commissions

It would be called a Jewellery Commission if you do not have any jewellery to add and or incorporate in to your new piece of jewellery. 

To have a piece of jewellery commissioned can be quite a daunting prospect but it shouldn't be if you find the right jeweller. 

Upon our first meeting you should get a gut feeling about whether you would love me to work with you on your jewellery commission. 

Harry Potter inspired pendant commission

I love working with my clients to deliver exactly what they want. This might be to design and make a one off bespoke handmade piece of jewellery. 

Or it might be to hand make a unique engagement ring, or matching wedding bands (that don't have to completely match!)

I love sourcing precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, emerald and rubies, through to semi precious stones including amythest,

topaz and citrines to create my clients perfect piece of jewellery.

Diamond Stud | HR Jewellery commission | West Sussex
Birthstone gold stacking ring Commission | HR Jewellery Designs | Hampshire

Jewellery Redesign and Remodelling

This is incorporating an existing piece of Jewellery. It could be a piece from your mum, dad or grand parents or a piece of jewellery that has been handed down, all of which could hold huge sentimental value for you, or maybe something you have but is now out dated.

These pieces of jewellery could be melted down and remade into something modern and wearable.

Remodelling is an amazing process and I feel such a sense of responsibility when creating a piece of jewellery from treasured or handed down items.

Being able to breathe new life into them and creating something new is a complete joy for me.

I am involved in every single piece of jewellery from concept to creation. Using mainly traditional techniques by a highly skilled crafts person, each piece of jewellery is given the personal attention it rightly deserves. I loving working in platinum, palladium, gold and silver so I can work with most budgets. 

All of my bespoke made pieces of jewellery will bear a hallmarked from the london assay office, a symbol of quality since 1327.

Remodelled inherited jewellery | HR Jewellery Designs | West Sussex / Hampshire
HR Jewellery Designs Ring Remodel | Chichester | West Sussex
Remodelled and redesigned diamond ring | HR Jewellery Designs | Southsea Hampshire

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Bespoke jewellery sketches designs by HR Jewellery Designs
melting old gold | HR Jewellery Designs in West Sussex / Hampshire
HR Jewellery Designs workshop West Sussex / Hampshire
Jewellery Commission HR Jewellery Designs West Sussex / Hampshire