Tree of Life Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Commission by HR Jewellery Designs in West Sussex

Bespoke Tree Of Life Engagement and Wedding Ring

Designed and Handmade in platinum, this beautiful organic ring commission encompasses everything my client wanted and more

Gill and her soon to be fiancé came to me wanting something truly unique. She loved my Entwined Collection but wanted to add her own twist.


At our initial meeting Gill was able to bring with her her significant jewellery to help me understand what she loved to wear.

One thing that shone through was Gill’s love of the ‘The Tree of Life’. 

This was to be the basis of our inspiration.

Talking through ideas I became really excited at where the design could lead me and the freedom to design that Gill had given me.

One thing Gill wanted was to combine her engagement and wedding band together, hence the love for my Entwined Collection. 


My job was now to come up with several stunning designs for Gill to choose from.  

By ‘The Tree of Life’ being able to lay across both the engagement ring and wedding band I was able to make the intricate design fit and come to life.


Gill loved one of the designs and after a slight alteration it was ready to become Gill's dream ring.


Engagement Ring Commission Sketches by HR Jewellery Designs

Sketches for Gill's Tree of Life Engagement ring and

wedding band

As Gill’s ring was to be handmade in Platinum, I felt that it would be best for her to see a Handmade silver version first.

Gill was able to see how her ring would look from every angle making sure it was going to fit and feel comfortable. 


Several weeks later I met Gill and Tim (her husband to be) to hand over Gill’s amazing Engagement ring and Wedding band. 


It wasn’t my intention to make them cry…... 

I am overjoyed to say they were tears of happiness!

Tree of Life Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Commission by HR Jewellery Designs in West Sussex

Gill’s stunning Tree of Life Engagement ring and Wedding Band.

Handmade in Platinum set with a single diamond



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