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Jewellery Design Process Explained Step by Step

A step by step guide giving you an idea of the jewellery designing, redesigning and commission process with

HR Jewellery Designs. 

Call or Email

First things first. If you have been thinking about having a piece of jewellery made just give me a call or an email so we can have a chat. I will be able to find out what your initial thoughts are and what you would like to have made. 

We will be able to arrange and date, place and time to meet up and talk face to face. I generally go to my customers houses or meet out and about at a coffee house nearest my customer.

Call Holly on 07970 963 883 or email holly@hrjewellerydesigns.co.uk


Over coffee we can discuss exactly what you want from your Jewellery Commission or Jewellery Remodel. I will be able to find out more about you and what you like to wear. You can also get to know me and know if I am the right Jewellery Designer for you.

At this initial meeting I will also ask you things like what jewellery you currently wear, what this new or remodelled piece of jewellery is for, if there is a date you would love it for and also your budget or the price you do not want to spend over. I know people do not like to discuss money but this is something I really need to know. I would hate to design something you fall in love with but can't afford. My Jewellery Remodels start from £195.00 upwards.


After our meeting I will be able to go away and start sketching my ideas for your bespoke piece of jewellery. I take everything we discussed and create several beautiful designs for you to choose from. My jewellery design sketches usually take around a week. These can then be sent via email. From your feedback I am able to make an changes before the finalised design.


You may want to add some sparkle to your jewellery commission or jewellery remodel. I can source semi precious and or precious stones to add into your piece. I can also match lost or missing stones if you just need a replacement stone. Choosing the right stone is very important so I will always get in several stones for you to choose from. Find out what to look for when choosing your diamond- The 4C's Diamond Guide 


Once you have chosen your jewellery design and any additional stones have been sourced I will be able to work out your quote. I will have been able to work to your budget or let you know of possible changes throughout the designing process. When you receive my quote and you are happy for me to start your jewellery commission or jewellery remodel I will request a small deposit from you. 


How better than to meet again over coffee but this time you will receive your very special bespoke piece of jewellery. Once you are over the moon with your jewellery commission or jewellery remodel I will require the final payment. It is alway lovely to hear from my customers about how happy they are with their jewellery so please do let me know.



If you'd like to own a beautiful piece of unique jewellery just give me a call or email.


Call: 07970 963 883  or  Email: holly@hrjewellerydesigns.co.uk