HR Jewellery Designs,Holly Richardson Shooting Star handmade collection, plush jewellery west sussex handmade

Shooting Star double halo ring


Beautiful textured Stardust finish that catches the light. 

Handmade from solid Sterling Silver.

The Halo bands each measure approx 2.5mm in diameter.

The one available is a size L.  Other sizes are made to order.



Holly Richardson, HR Jewellery Designs Shooting Star Double Halo ring, plush jewellery, handmade west sussex
Holly Richardson, HR Jewellery Designs shooting stars bangle, plushjewellery, handmade west sussex
HR Jewellery Designs,Holly Richardson shooting star classic pendant, handmade west sussex, plush jewellery

I am more than happy to customize any of my Collection pieces.

For a different finger size, a few diamonds added, personal engraving or handmade in a different metal.

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