Sentimental engagement ring and wedding band remodelled

Bespoke handmade gold ivy leaf necklace

Philippa got in touch to chat through the idea of remodelling her late mums engagement ring and wedding ring.

She was looking for a jewellery designer who she could trust and felt a connection with to be able to remodel these very sentimental ring.

Philippa and her husband came to see me at my house. We chatted through ideas deciding on an ivy leaf as her mums name was Ivy.

sentimental engagement and wedding ring for jewellery remodelling | HR Jewellery Designs

Sentimental wedding ring and engagement ring to be remodelled

Ivy leaf drawings in jewellery remodel | HR Jewellery Designs

Designs and sketches for Philippa's remodelled necklace

remodelled ring into ivy leaf by HR Jewellery Designs | Hampshire Jeweller

A week later I had been able to email over my designs for Philippa to see.

There was one design she instantly loved and with a little alteration, this was the one.

The chain was decided upon over email and everything was coming together. Five weeks later it was time for Philippa and her husband to visit again.

I knew how much this meant so I was both excited and nervous for her to see it.

Philippa absolutely loved it! Happy tears were shed. I had such a wonderful connection throughout this remodel. I am so happy Philippa trusted me to make this necklace for her.

Remodelled jewellery into an ivy leaf necklace with diamond | Hampshire jeweller

The beautiful finished Ivy leaf necklace 

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