Unworn jewellery remodelled into new stacking rings

Holly Richardson of HR Jewellery Designs  

 Mo's stunning remodelled stacking ring set

Mo got in touch as she had searched online for someone to remake her unworn jewellery into something she could wear again. She came across my site and loved the pieces she could see so she got in touch.

It was lovely to meet at Mo's house as she had a lot of jewellery which could have been difficult to get out in a public place.

We discussed ideas and what mo wanted from her new jewellery. A stacking ring was the best idea so that we could use most of the unworn jewellery and Mo could have a very versatile ring.

Melt down unworn jewellery HR Jewellery Designs Hampshire area | remodelled stacking ring set

Mo's unworn jewellery to be melted down and remade by HR Jewellery Designs 

Bespoke Ring Designs by HR Jewellery Designs | remodelled stacking ring set

 Bespoke Ring Sketches for Mo's stacking ring set

I was able to get started on ideas and within a couple of weeks had worked on sketches and the best way to set the diamonds, sapphire and emerald to give the most choice when wearing the stacking rings.

There were seven rings in total within this stacking ring set, which may sound like a lot but this way Mo could pick and choose which ones to wear depending on her outfit or occasion. Plus we used up all Mo's unworn jewellery so it wasn't laying around in her jewellery box surplus to requirements. 

I was so nervous on the day of the reveal (I always am) especially when I have put so much time and design into it to get it right and I loved working with my client so much.

Mo of course LOVED her stacking ring set!

There were so many combinations the remodelled stacking rings could be put in that we were both there swapping and changing ring combinations for a good half and hour.

Removing the emerald and sapphire from their settings for the jewellery remodel at HR Jewellery Designs Hampshire / Southampton

Removing the emerald and sapphire from their settings for the jewellery remodel

Palladium stacking rings in the making at HR Jewellery Designs Hampshire area

Mo's rings In the making

Finished Set of Stacking Rings. Handmade using unworn old gold. Using Sapphire, Emerald and Diamonds set in Gold and Palladium.

So many combinations for Mo to wear her new remodelled Stacking Rings. It really was like being in a sweet shop.

Remodelled jewellery into stacking ring set, HR Jewellery Designs Hampshire, West Sussex
Diamond stacking ring set handmade by HR Jewellery Designs Hampshire. jewellery redesign and jewellery remodelling
unworn jewellery remade into multi stacking ring set. HR Jewellery Designs Hampshire
unworn jewellery remade into multi stacking ring set. HR Jewellery Designs West Sussex
Holly Richardson remodelled jewellery stacking rings west sussex hampshire

If you have been thinking about having your unworn jewellery Remodelled to create your very own unique piece I would love to hear from you.

To find out more please phone the studio on 07970 963 883, or email me at holly@hrjewellerydesigns.co.uk

Alternatively, just click this link 'get in touch' which will take you to an easy to complete form to which you will hear from me really soon.