Unworn jewellery redesigned and remade into abstract stud earrings

by Holly Richardson of HR Jewellery Designs  

Jan's contemporary diamond stud earrings

Jan got in touch as she had lots of bits of jewellery that she just didn't wear anymore.

We arranged to have a chat so I could get a better understanding of the jewellery she already had and chat about what she would love from her remodel.

collection of yellow gold rings and earrings for remodelling by HR Jewellery Designs

Jan's unworn jewellery to be redesigned

by HR Jewellery Designs

jewellery remodel designs drawn by hand by HR Jewellery Designs in Hampshire

Jan's bespoke earring designs

Jan's brief for her remodel was to be something modern, but she had no idea what or how. I was also told I didn't need to use all the stones but could use all the gold.

When Jan saw my first set of designs they didn't quite hit the make. So now armed with a bit more direction I was able to sketch my second set of designs. Jan loved these and was torn between two. After a little deliberation and chatting through how they would sit on Jan's ear she was able to decide on the perfect design.

circles and semi circles layer ontop and set with diamonds to make these modern stude earrings from old gold

Jan's finished modern look diamond stud earrings

three different levels of gold adds to the unique design

old jewellery remodelled into new modern stud earrings, made in yellow gold set with diamonds by HR Jewellery Designs

difference of shiny and satin finish works perfectly

Although Jan chose the design they were to be a present from her husband. When I delivered the finished earrings Jan wasn't allowed to open them until Christmas Day! 

Jan of course loved them and messaged me to let me know how lovely they were!


If you have been thinking about having your unworn jewellery Remodelled to create your very own unique piece I would love to hear from you.

To find out more please phone the studio on 07970 963 883, or email me at holly@hrjewellerydesigns.co.uk

Alternatively, just click this link 'get in touch' which will take you to an easy to complete form to which you will hear from me really soon.