Bespoke handmade Monkey Cufflinks | Handmade jewellery commissions by HR Jewellery Designs, Hampshire

Sterling Silver Monkey Cufflinks Jewellery Commission

Animal Cufflinks made by Independent Hampshire Jeweller, HR Jewellery Designs

My clients had got back in touch with a request that was slightly unusual. They wanted a very special gift commissioning for their son.

When he was little they always called him 'a cheeky little monkey' and even as an adult this has stuck with him and his parents.

The request was to make a pair of monkey cufflinks.

My first challenge was making sure I knew what kind of monkey my clients had in mind, realistic, playful, full monkey or just its little face. I emailed my clients some images so I could narrow it down.

they were very quickly able to get back to me with the kind of look they wanted the cufflinks to have.

From here I was able to start sketching.

my client loved the sketches so I got the go ahead to start the making process.

Monkey carved ready for casting in Sterling Silver by HR Jewellery Designs

This gorgeous little monkey was hand carved ready to be cast.

After I had made a monkey it was ready to be cast in the metal of my clients choice, which was Sterling Silver.

I had carved the monkeys face on both sides of his head to keep the casting costs down.

Once he was back from the casters I was able to make the finishing touches. This included making the monkey a left and a right cufflink.

Unique handmade Monkey Cufflinks | HR Jewellery Designs, Hampshire Jeweller

Gorgeous handmade Monkey Cufflinks in Sterling Silver.

The ball joint helps to counter balance the weight of the Monkey.

Bespoke silver Monkey Cufflinks | unique jewellery commissions by HR Jewellery Designs, West Sussex/ Hampshire

Bespoke handmade monkey cufflinks on a shirt

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