Gold and Palladium large stacking ring commission using pink sapphires, aquamarine and diamonds | handmade stacking ring commission by HR Jewellery Designs, Hampshire

Gold and Palladium Multi Stone Stacking Ring 

Handmade Multi Band Ring Set with Pink Sapphires, Aquamarine and Diamonds by HR Jewellery Designs

Alison came to me after the unfortunate event of being burgled.

She really wanted to replace a ring that had originally been several years ago for her. We went through the design and after making several changes Alison was more than happy with her improved stacking ring design.

Once Alison was happy (and so were her insurance company) I was able to get in stones from my stone merchant so Alison could hand pick all the beautiful stones for her gorgeous stacking ring.

Gold and Palladium stacking ring set with pink sapphires, aquamarine and diamonds | handmade stacking ring commission by HR Jewellery Designs, emsworth, Hampshire
Handmade diamond Ring Commission | Bespoke jewellers near Hampshire
palladium handmade diamond stacking ring commission | HR Jewellery Designs independant jeweller Emsworth Hampshire

Using beautiful combinations of metals such as rose gold, white gold and palladium, finding the perfect colour of pink sapphire and aquamarine along side the diamonds in various shapes and sizes finish off this stunning stacking ring in a truly unique way.

The slim bands of each ring allow each stone to stand out. The amazing amount of variety this ring can give to Alison means she will never get bored playing with its possibilities. 

Alison was over joyed to have been included in the design process and being able to choose all of her stones was the icing on the cake.

It was hard to hand this particular piece go but I knew it was going to a good home.

Choosing the beautiful stones was like when you first walk into a sweet shop of colour. The combinations you have when wearing this ring are vast and very enjoyable to play around with.

If you love this ring or have been thinking about commissioning your very own special piece of jewellery I would love to hear from you.

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