Unworn jewellery reused and remodelled

Art Nouveau inspired stone set pendant and drop earrings

When I first met Heather and her husband David I was really excited about the prospect of this redesign and remodel.

Heather had lots of handed down inherited rings, a couple of which were extremely sentimental but all of which were never worn. We were to incorporate most of the stones in Heathers rings into her Remodelled jewellery.


Heathers brief was that she would love a pendant and earrings to be made in the style of Art Nouveau which she loved.

The brief was vast but I felt that after chatting with Heather I felt confident I understood the feeling and the look she wanted from her Remodelled jewellery.  

I also hold a love for the Art Nouveau era so knew I could produce some ideas and sketches Heather would love.


Several weeks later I was able to email Heather and David my sketches along with quotes. With each sketch being slightly different Heather and David fell in love with the same sketch.

Inherited jewellery to be melted down and remodelled | HR Jewellery Designs Hampshire

Heathers inherited handed down jewellery waiting to be reused and remodelled

Art Nouveau jewellery designs | remodelling unworn jewellery by HR Jewellery Designs

Bespoke designs for a jewellery remodel by HR Jewellery Designs in Hampshire / West Sussex

Before melting Heather's rings down she wanted to know the hallmarks and dates of two of the rings. These were the most interesting and semtimental to her.

The hallmarks were in really good condition so this was relatively easy to do. The ring set with Rubies dated back to 1908, while the 22ct gold wedding band dated back to 1908.


I used all of Heathers gold from her unworn rings and with the addition of new 9ct yellow gold the pendant started to come to life.


Bespoke designs for Heathers unique Art Nouveau

Pendant and Drop Earrings 

Art Nouveau inspired jewellery Designs by HR Jewellery Designs, Hampshire
Melting your inherited jewellery by HR Jewellery Designs | Hampshire bespoke jewellery designer

Dated between


Dating your old inherited rings | HR Jewellery Designs Hampshire
Dating sentimental inherited jewellery by HR Jewellery Designs Hampshire

Dated between


Melting your inherited gold to create a new piece of jewellery

While the earring were being handmade I sent off Heathers existing Rubies from her unworn jewellery to my stone merchant. By doing this we were able to find two Rubies, one to be set into each elegant drop earring, with an extremely good colour and clarity match.


The final process was to set all of the beautiful stones into the pendant and earrings. The perfect finishing touch to make the pendant and elegant drop earrings look very luxurious breathing new life into Heathers handed down jewellery .

inherited unworn jewellery redesign and remodel by HR Jewellery Designs Hampshire

Art Nouveau Inspired pendant set with rubies, diamonds and a marquise shaped sapphire made from inherited jewellery

inherited jewellery remodelled by HR Jewellery Designs in Hampshire

Art Nouveau Inspired Elegant Drop Earrings with Rubies made from inherited gold

If you have been thinking about Remodelling existing jewellery to create you very own unique piece I would love to hear from you.

To find out more please phone the studio on 07970 963 883, or email me at holly@hrjewellerydesigns.co.uk

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