Inherited jewellery made into stacking ring set

Large opal, diamond, gold and silver inherited jewellery for remodelling

Catriona got in touch after her sister had already had a ring designed by myself.

Catriona had a large amount of handed down jewellery that had been sitting in the jewellery box gathering dust. She decide that now was the time to have it remade and Remodelled into something she would wear and treasure.

Catriona loved the idea of versatility.

Jewellery for a Jewellery Melt,  Redesign and remodel by HR Jewellery Designs in Chichester, West Sussex

Jewellery to be re-made. Opal Brooch, Gold Locket and diamond rings 

Jewellery Redesign and Remodelling Service by HR Jewellery Designs in Chichester, West Sussex

Bespoke jewellery design sketches produced for Catriona

We decided to use the larger of the two opals and four of the diamonds along with the gold.

My client wanted to incorporate the leaf from my Entwined collection and be able to wear the opal as a ‘set’ or on its own. 

This was a really exciting opportunity to create a true master piece. 

After producing several designs Catriona chose one she absolutely loved.

Once all the stone were removed from the jewellery the melting, milling and remodelling of the gold could begin.

Some of the rings have been made in silver to add contrast when the pieces are worn all together. 

The finished rings have so many different ways of being worn. Catriona loves the fact she can pick and choose how her rings can be worn.

I think you will agree when I say ‘it is a truly unique piece of jewellery’.

Old Gold and Silver Trilogy stacking Ring Remodel by HR Jewellery Designs, Chichester, West Sussex


Large Opal Set in Sterling Silver sits in the middle of the sweeping 9ct Yellow Gold, Diamond Set, Turret Ring and

the Entwined Style, Sterling Silver leaf and Yellow Gold shaped band

HR Jewellery Designs Unique Gold, Silver Opal and diamond Ring Remodel. Chichester, West Sussex

Large inherited Opal Set in Sterling Silver, Coupled with the 9ct Yellow Gold, Diamond Set

'Turret Ring'

Vine Style Ring Remodel by HR Jewellery Designs, Chichester, West Sussex

Handmade ring using Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold and diamonds from inherited jewellery

Gold two stone diamond Ring using old gold by HR Jewellery Designs

The 'Turret Ring' made using inherited 9ct Yellow Gold hold two Old Cut handed down Diamonds

Vine and leaf Silver and Gold Ring using inherited metal by HR Jewellery Designs

The 'Entwined Style' Sterling Silver leaf sits beautifully along the curve of a 9ct Yellow Gold Shaped Band

Unique Silver and Diamond swirl Ring made using old metal by HR Jewellery Designs

Unique Sterling Silver 'Scroll Ring' is perfect to show off these Old Cut Diamonds

If you have been thinking about Remodelling existing jewellery to create you very own unique piece I would love to hear from you.
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