Inherited diamonds reused to make bespoke half eternity ring 

by Holly Richardson of HR Jewellery Designs  

Aprils antique rings remodelled

Jan got in touch as she had lots of bits of jewellery that she just didn't wear anymore.

We arranged to have a chat so I could get a better understanding of the jewellery she already had and chat about what she would love from her remodel.

3 antique diamond rings for remodelling

Aprils inherited jewellery to be redesigned

by HR Jewellery Designs

Bespoke hand drawn ring designs by HR Jewellery Designs

Unique ring designs just for April

April had flicked through Pintrest looking for ideas for her remodel. We then sat down together to look through them so I could find out what she liked about them. At this meeting I was able to see Aprils other jewellery, ask questions about how this remodel should work for her and measure her finger. Being able to see the rings that April wanted to be remodelled was great because I could get a feel of how the diamonds could work together. Far better than just pictures.

After a couple of weeks I was able to prepare some sketches for April to see. There were two stand out designs! Although April loved them both there was one she kept coming back too. This was the one! Once April gave me the go ahead I was able to start work on this simply stunning ring.

Redesigned diamond ring in platinum | HR Jewellery Designs

Aprils ring is set with 5 large inherited diamonds

redesigned inherited half eternity ring by HR Jewellery designs

Handmade in platinum

On the delivery day April was a mix of nerves and excitement. I arrived with a tiny gift wrapped box which had big expectations.... and it didn't disappoint! April was over the moon, it was more than she could have ever imagined. She was in love with the past once again.

If you have been thinking about having your unworn jewellery Remodelled to create your very own unique piece I would love to hear from you.

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