Sentimental handed down wedding band remade into new ring 

Bespoke Handmade, Engraved Leaf Wedding Ring Remodel

My client and I met up to discuss a piece of jewellery that was extremely sentimental to her and her family.

It was her Nan's wedding ring. My client had been given this by her dad and with her wedding not very far away she really wanted this to be her 'something old, something new'.

She was able to show me her Pinterest board of ideas so that I could see the style of wedding ring she wanted to have made.

Once I had given my client a quote she gave me the go ahead, which I was delighted about.

The 22ct gold old wedding band was melted down and remade into a plain band so that the leaves could then be carved out by hand one by one.

Once the ring was carved I then sent it to my fabulous hand engraver so that he could work his magic and bring the leaves to life.

Inherited wedding ring to be remodelled by HR Jewellery Designs West Sussex/ Hampshire

Inherited wedding ring to be remodelled

Remodelled your old, unworn jewellery with HR Jewellery Designs West Sussex/ Hampshire

The remodelled ring once it had been carved out

Redesign and Remake your inherited jewellery in Southampton, Hamshire with HR Jewellery Designs

The finished beautiful hand carved, hand engraved remodelled wedding ring

If you have been thinking about Remodelling existing jewellery to create you very own unique piece I would love to hear from you.

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