Handmade, hand engraved signet ring from inherited gold

Transform sentimental gold into a bespoke hand engraved signet ring

Sentimental ring used in ring redesign and remodel by HR Jewellery Designs, Hampshire
inherited sentimental ring to be redesigned and remade by HR Jewellery Designs | Jeweller in Hampshire

Nearly all my commission's start life as an email enquiry and this one was no exception. 

Benjamin got in touch as he had his dad's wedding ring along with another very sentimental ring that he wanted to have made into a signet ring.

When we met it was clear how much these rings meant to Benjamin and I felt honoured that he wanted to entrust me with them.

We went through several shapes and ideas and spoke about the engraving Benjamin would love to have on his signet ring.

The melting of his two rings went really well and his remodelled signet ring was taking shape. My Clint was now able to choose the font for his engraved initials.

I use a wonderful local hand engraver for all of my commissioned and bespoke jewellery and I know and trust his work implicitly. 

Needless to say when my client's ring returned from my engraver I was speechless!

It was amazing. I think Benjamin could tell just how wonderful it was from my voice on his voicemail.

Benjamin travelled down from London where he lives so that we could meet once more.  I handed over his beautiful signet ring, he was speechless! He is now able to wear this ring everyday with the subtle and beautiful reminder of his dad.

hand engraved gold signet ring made from inherited gold by HR Jewellery Designs

Beautiful signet ring made using inherited sentimental gold hand engraved with initials 

Remodelled old gold handmade signet ring by HR Jewellery Designs | Hampshire jeweller

Solid heavy signet ring made from sentimental gold

handmade signet ring using old gold by HR Jewellery Designs, Hampshire jeweller

Plain handmade signet ring before the hand engraving

If you have been thinking about Remodelling your inherited jewellery to create you very own unique piece I would love to hear from you.

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