Handmade Sterling Silver Bespoke Barrel Clasp Necklace Commission | HR Jewellery Designs Bespoke Jewellery Designer West Sussex / Hampshire

Sterling Silver Bespoke Barrel Clasp Necklace Commission 

Unique Jewellery Designed and Handmade near Chichester West Sussex 

Ellie messaged me as she wanted a very special jewellery commission making.

Her family had had some very emotional years but now they were coming through the other side. Ellie felt she needed something to celebrate this but to never forget what it has taken to get to this point.


After having a lovely chat with Ellie I felt able to produce a series of sketches for Ellie to choose from.

My main aim was to celebrate this little unassuming to most piece of hospital equipment.

When Ellie saw my designs she instantly picked one of them over all the others. This was the one.

Bespoke necklace designs and sketches by HR Jewellery Designs Hampshire / West Sussex

Bespoke necklace designs for Ellie

by HR Jewellery Designs

Sterling Silver Bespoke Barrel Clasp Necklace Jewellery Commission handmade by HR Jewellery Designs Chichester, West Sussex

This necklace wasn't as easy to make as you may think.

It was quite tricky to make sure that the Barrel fastening twisted smoothly and independently of the beautifully thick snake chain.

The fastening is made to be a stunning focal point of Ellie's necklace but a very personal and understated memory of how this changed their families lives.

It was such a pleasure to meet Ellie and such an honour to be trusted with this bespoke jewellery commission.

The beautiful Barrel Clasp is the feature of Ellies necklace

If you love this necklace and have been thinking about commissioning your very own special piece of jewellery I would love to hear from you.

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