Large Cabochon cut Lapis Lazuli Ring set in 9ct Yellow Gold by HR Jewellery Designs | Jewellery Commission

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Bespoke Crossover Engagement Ring and fitted wedding band

White sapphire Engagement ring and Yellow Gold fitted wedding band Commission

Crossover Diamond Engagement Ring and Shaped Wedding Band by HR Jewellery Designs in West Sussex
Bespoke Crossover Diamond Engagement Ring by HR Jewellery Designs in West Sussex

My client got in touch after seeing an engagement ring commission on my website. He loved this design and thought it would be perfect for his

future wife.

After my initial meeting with Mr Beeny and his future wife we adapted the design slightly to for fill their requirements.

The stone of choice for this gorgeous engagement ring was a beautiful round brilliant White Sapphire.

The elegant crossover design shows of the White Sapphire perfectly.


Half way through the making process my client got in touch asking if I could design and make a wedding band at the same time.

Of course this was no problem!

Unique engagement ring sketches by HR Jewellery Designs, Chichestr West Sussex
Bespoke crossover fitted Wedding Band by HR Jewellery Designs of West Sussex

The wedding band needed to fit beautifully with the engagement ring as a continuous band without looking like it was joined so as not to spoil the overall beauty of the rings. This was not as easy as it sounds!

After some experimenting I found the perfect idea and design. Not only was the wedding ring joined continuously but once the two rings were together they would not slide apart from each other when being worn.

My clients put their trust in my hands and could not wait to see their finished rings.

My clients came to my house to collect their stunning engagement ring and wedding ring. They absolutely loved them!


Hand Made Platinum Engagement Ring Commission Using Old Cut Diamonds 

Three stone ruby and diamond ring bespoke designed and made by HR Jewellery Designs

Platinum 3 stone Ruby and Diamond Ring by HR Jewellery Designs Handmade in West Sussex, Hampshire
Platinum 3 stone Ruby and Diamond Ring by HR Jewellery Designs Handmade in West Sussex, Hampshire
Bespoke Designs and sketches for a ring commission by HR Jewellery Designs

Pete contacted me wanting a special unique engagement ring for the lady he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Pete and Lucy had an idea of the design and stones they wanted and with my help we worked on the perfect design.

Lucy wanted her three stone engagement ring to have beautiful Ruby as the centre stone with gorgeous diamonds either side.

At our next meeting I was able to have a beautiful little selection of rubies so that Pete and Lucy could choose their perfect stone together.

It turned out that Pete also had a hand down 3 stone ring set with old cut diamonds. Lucy thought it would be lovely to use the two outside diamonds from this ring in her gorgeous engagement ring.



These diamonds looked stunning. They were old cut diamonds so were slightly different sizes. Once they were set into Lucy's gorgeous new engagement ring the differences in theirs sizes were hardly noticeable. The centre Ruby stone is a beautiful rich colour and looks stunning set in the handmade Platinum ring.

Bespoke ring handmade in white gold to fit perfectly with the engagement ring

Bespoke White Gold Shaped Wedding Ring by HR Jewellery Designs
Bespoke White Gold Shaped Wedding Ring by HR Jewellery Designs

Hannah came to me after her friend recommended me to her. This is always lovely and I am very grateful to have very happy clients.

Hannah has seen the same shaped wedding ring designs in the high street shops, none of which inspired her and none of which fit her engagement ring properly.


After talking with Hannah and seeing her beautiful oval sapphire and diamond cluster engagement ring I had thoughts and ideas running through my mind as to the kind of stunningly different wedding ring I could create for her.

I felt the wedding ring should a have soft flowing feel about it to complement the beautiful shape of Hannah’s engagement ring.

With Hannah mentioning that she might want some sapphires and diamonds to be added to her wedding band so it enhanced her engagement ring

I was able to design a stunning wedding band to complement Hannah’s style and her engagement ring perfectly.

Unique Shaped Wedding Ring Commission Set With Sapphires And Diamonds

Mens Black Zirconium Wedding Band Commission by HR Jewellery Designs

Gents stone set diamond and sapphire bespoke wide zirconium wedding ring is handmade here in West Sussex

Handmade Bespoke Black Zirconium Gents Wedding Band by HR Jewellery Designs
Handmade Bespoke Black Zirconium Gents Wedding Band b y HR Jewellery Designs

Hannah’s husband to be wanted his wedding band to be far from high street. One of the criteria was ‘not shiny’. My response was ‘no problem’!

We were able to go through different metal choices, some of which Tim wasn’t aware of. Having Titanium and gold together in the same band create a beautiful soft contrast as do titanium and zirconium. I was then able to show Tim a few examples and he really loved a Black Zirconium ring I showed him.

A stunningly different dramatic black metal that was just what Tim loved but hadn’t  known was possible.

He also wanted it to match Hannah’s wedding ring in some way so loved the idea of setting the same stones in his Wedding Ring as in Hannah’s. This gave his ring a subtle change and very much a union with Hannah’s that was so very personal.

Mens Unique Black Rhodium Wedding Ring Commission

This beautiful gents handmade wedding band is 6mm wide and made in 9ct white gold

Black Rhodium white gold 6mm gents wedding ring | HR Jewellery Designs in Chichester
Gents unique 6mm wide 9ct White Gold Wedding Ring with a Black Rhodium Finish | west sussex jeweller

Jamie got in touch knowing he did not want an ordinary 'off the shelf' wedding band.

At our initial appointment I was able to show Jamie different wedding band styles and finishes.

When he saw my Stardust collection he knew instantly that he loved the finish and style of the rings but wanted a more individual spin

on his wedding band.

When he saw my idea of combining my Stardust finish with Black Rhodium plating Jamie was certain this was the ring for him.


Several weeks later I met up with Jamie again to hand over his stunning ring.

Needless to say he loves it!


Bespoke Wedding Ring Commissions Hampshire | Palladium and Platinum handmade Wedding Ring by HR Jewellery Designs Hampshire
His and Hers Matching Textured Wedding Rings
Handmade in beautiful white metals of Platinum and Palladium, these wedding band commissions really do make a great matching pair

Having designed and made Helens engagement ring it was lovely when Tom got back in touch with me to make their beautiful wedding bands.

Helens gorgeous engagement ring was handmade in palladium so when we met to discuss ideas Helen really loved the thought of her wedding band contrasting with her engagement ring. To do this and get maximum impact we decided it would look stunning in platinum.

Tom loved the idea of his wedding band being handmade in palladium which would complement Helens engagement ring while contrasting with her wedding band.

Tom's ring had my gorgeous linear satin finish applied which makes his ring look very organic while Helens ring had the linear finish it was highly polished giving her ring a high end luxurious feel.

Ben emailed me wanting a beautiful handmade engagement ring.

Amy (his fiancé to be) and Ben had been looking online and had emailed me a design they liked the look of.

The design they liked didn’t quite work with the size stone that Ben wanted for Amy so I was able to sketch a few new ideas that I felt would really show off the stunning blue round brilliant cut Sapphire.

 Amy really want a stunning Blue Sapphire for her single stone in her engagement ring. I was very excited when a little parcel arrived with a beautiful selection of Sapphires in to be able to select the perfect one.

Unfortunately Ben and myself were unable to meet up to choose Amy’s stone but I was able to photograph the Sapphires and email them over to Ben so that Amy and Ben could choose their sapphire together.

Once they had chosen their perfect stone and picked their favourite ring design the making process began.

Ben was planning on surprising Amy with her engagement ring so the deadline was brought forward considerably. I am really happy to say that I was able to make this date without compromise! He was to propose to Amy on holiday, she had no idea. It was a wonderful surprise and I feel privileged to have been a part of making it happen.   

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Commission
18ct White Gold Metal Holds the Sapphire in a Four Claw Setting
HR Jewellery Designs, West Sussex, Bespoke White Gold Engagement Ring | Engagement Ring Commission
Designs and Sketches for a bespoke engagement ring commission
ring model ready for casting in 18ct White Gold
9ct Yellow Gold Cross Pendant Commission with a Hammered Finish
Jewellery commission 9ct yellow gold cross by HR Jewellery Designs, Hampshire / West Sussex
Bespoke Jewellery designs by HR Jewellery Designs Hampshire / West Sussex

Having already met David while designing and making a bespoke jewellery remodel for his wife earlier in the year it was very much my pleasure to now design and create a cross for his wife that would be a complete surprise for her. 

I was able to sketch a few ideas for Dave so that he could choose the one he thought his wife would love the most.

David was able to choose one of my designs and after a few adjustments if was perfect.

During the making David was kept up to date so that he knew timings as this beautiful cross was needed for a special date.

When it was ready I was able to meet with David once again to hand over his wife's cross.

I later received an email from his wife saying thank you and how she loved it but how over whelmed she had been that her husband had been able to completely surprise her with such a thoughtful piece of jewellery.

The bespoke design makes this hand made gold cross extra special and unique
Palladium and Blue Sapphire Cross Over Engagement Ring 

Handmade bespoke engagement ring holds the hand chosen round brilliant cut sapphire

Palladium and Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Commission by HR Jewellery Designs
Wedding proposal
Palladium and Blue Sapphire Cross Over Engagement Ring Commission by HR Jewellery Designs, Chichester, West Sussex

Anthony had planned a surprise trip away so that he could propose. 

Claire said yes!!      CONGRATULATIONS!

When Anthony got in touch he had seen an engagement ring on my Commissions page. He really loved the style of my design and more importantly was ready to take the next step with his girlfriend and get engaged. 


Over the next couple of weeks we were able to meet up without his girlfriend knowing.

Anthony's proposal to his girlfriend was going to be a complete surprise but I still had to make sure the stone size would suit Anthony’s girlfriends finger. He had managed to sneakily get her finger size- don't ask me how!

Anthony had chosen a Sapphire stone to be the centre piece for the engagement ring.


My next step was to go away and source some exquisite sapphires so at our next meeting Anthony could choose his perfect one.

He was bowled over by the differences in the stones which proves that you really do benefit by seeing the stones in the flesh. I love my clients to get involved in the whole process as Commissions can be very personal.


Once Anthony had chosen his sapphire I was able to make a start making the stunning engagement ring for his soon to be fiancé.


Claire’s beautiful engagement ring was handmade in palladium and set with the blue round brilliant cut sapphire.

When Anthony saw the ring he was over whelmed and overjoyed. He knew straight away that Claire would love it.

Sterling Silver Bespoke Birthstone Bangle Commission

Hand pierced design set with four cabochon cut semi precious stones

Sterling silver handmade Birthstone bangle by HR Jewellery Designs Petersfield, Hampshire

Michael called me looking for a handmade piece of jewellery for an anniversary present.

He had been browsing the internet for ideas and came across my site. The piece that really caught his eye was the beautiful Silver Moonstone bangle.

When we chatted further on the phone I was able to find out what Michael wanted this very special piece of jewellery to mean.

it was to incorporate their three children and their anniversary birthstones.

The next step was for me to sketch a couple of designs so Michael could see if his wife would love any of them.

With a couple of little tweaks here and there we had the perfect final design.


I was able to choose some beautiful cabochon cut stones.  All the stones have amazing clarity and fire, each one complementing the other for the birthstone bangle.

The beautiful stone that were use were (from left to right)





Unique handmade stacking ring by HR Jewellery Designs | West Sussex Jeweller
3 ring stacking rings handmade in White Gold by HR Jewellery Designs in Hampshire / West Sussex
Stone set trilogy stacking ring designed and handmade by HR Jewellery Designs | Hampshire bespoke jeweller

Claire wanted a ring to signify her and her two gorgeous children but just in case she wanted an addition to her beautiful family Claire wanted a ring she could add to.

She had a ‘dress’ stacking ring which consisted of three separate bands. Claire wore this ring every 

day so because of this Claire and I decided that this style of ring would be perfect.


Claire wanted the birth stones of her two girls. She already had a diamond from an unworn ring for her birthstone. 

This meant the stacking ring would be perfect and we could add another band should another little bundle of joy come along. 


Claire was really involved throughout the design process and loved the part where she got to choose 

the precious and semi precious stones for her ring.

When the little packets of glorious Aquamarines and Sapphires arrived and we spent a couple of hours of what can only be described as as fun choosing the perfect ones.

Claire loves the fact that the sapphire takes on slightly different colours in different lights.

The simple elegant cup setting for the stones shows them off perfectly.

Unique Sterling Silver Hand Made Heart Bracelet

Each heart is adorned with a small ruby to signify their 40th wedding anniversary

Bespoke, Handmade 18ct Gold Trilogy Stacking Ring

Individually chosen birthstones of Aquamarine, Sapphire and Diamond combine to make up this unique ring

As soon as Alma saw the beautiful large oval sapphire she just had to have it!

I was then able to go about making the setting to fit this gorgeous fiery pink sapphire.

Alma absolutely loved her finished ring. I hope you agree it looks stunning!

Large Oval Pink Sapphire Ring Commission

Handmade 9ct yellow gold rub over setting dress ring by HR Jewellery Designs, West Sussex 

Semi Presious Stone Ring Commission handmade in yellow gold |  HR Jewellery Designs in West Sussex, Chichester
Selction of Pink Sapphire's by HR Jewellery Designs West Sussex

Alma knew exactly what kind of style ring she wanted. A sleek, smooth style, that wouldn’t catch on her clothes and would show the stone off. My next step was to find the perfect stone. My client wanted a pink sapphire. They can come in all different shapes and sizes but Alma narrowed down her choice to a round brilliant cut stone. Upon speaking to my stone merchant I was told about this beautiful pink sapphire. The only thing was it was oval and not the ‘ideal’ pink sapphire colour. It sounded beautiful so I just had to let Alma see it! After receiving several sapphires (I love when little parcels arrive) I met with Alma once again so she could choose her beautiful sapphire. I showed her them all including ‘my wild card’.

Jewellery Ring Commission in the making by HR Jewellery Designs in West Sussex, Chichester
Sterling silver heart and ruby bracelet commission by HR Jewellery Designs

My Client Kim got in touch wanting a very special bracelet or bangle making for his wife for their 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Once my client had shown me the pieces of jewellery it need to sit alongside I started to sketch 

several ideas and designs.

After emailing my designs, Kim was able to choose the one he knew his wife would love the most and get the most wear out of.

Jewellery Commission Sketches by HR Jewellery Designs in Hampshire

The gorgeous hearts catch the light beautifully with the textured hammered finish. 

The Ruby set in the centre of the heart signifies their 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Opal and Rubalite 9ct Rose Gold Ring Commission

Bespoke Ring Commission using hand picked Semi Precious Stones by HR Jewellery Designs

Opal and 9ct Rose Gold Ring made by HR Jewellery Designs West Sussex / Hampshire
Handmade Jewellery Commission Opal and 9ct Rose Gold Ring
Rose gold, opal and rhodilite ring commission handmade by HR Jewellery Designs of Chichester, West Sussex

Annalisa got in touch to enquirer about having a bespoke ring handmade for her.

She knew she wanted a beautiful opal with some stones on the shoulders of her ring.

Annalise showed me a picture of the kind of ring she would like but hadn’t found anywhere in the shops.

From this I was able to do some sketches to show the different ways the stones could be set.

Our next appointment was for Annalisa to choose her stones. I brought with me a selection of beautiful opals and different sized rubalite stone for her to choose from.

There are so many different and varied colours to opals that I would always recommend you choose one by actually seeing it.


Throughout the design process Annalisa had been wondering what metal to choose. Once she had picked out her beautiful stones it was no contest that her ring would look amazing in 9ct rose gold.

This really picked up the colour of the pink rubalites and showed off the opals stunning fire.

Truly Unique Hand Engraved, Handmade Wedding Ring Commission

Two colour gold inscribed ladies wedding band designed and made by HR Jewellery Designs in Hampshire 

Bespoke Hand Engraved handmade Wedding Ring by HR Jewellery Designs Hampshire
Two Colour Gold Bespoke Wedding Ring by HR Jewellery Designs Hampshire bespoke jeweller
Handmade two colour engraved Wedding band by HR Jewellery Designs Hampshire independant bespoke jeweller

I met Martyn at the venue wedding fair.

He was looking for a completely unique wedding band and we got chatting over some ideas.

From our brief meeting I was able to sketch some ideas. Along the jouney Martyn’s ideas had changed but with good communication I was able to create another lot of designs that were now in keeping with his current ideas.


I was lovely that Martyn wanted to combine two colours of gold along with a unique engraved design.

Once Martyn's ring was ready we were able to meet up so i could present it to him in person. When he opened the box he was speachless. This ring had exceeded all his expectations. He knew his wife to be would love this ring. 

Lapis Lazuli 9ct Yellow Gold Dress Ring Commission

Handmade Ring Commissions by HR Jewellery Designs on the West Sussex / Hampshire Border

Large Cabochon cut Lapis Lazuli Ring set in 9ct Yellow Gold by HR Jewellery Designs | Jewellery Commission
HR Jewellery Designs Jewellery Commission in the making
Ring Commission by HR Jewellery Designs | Large Cabochon cut Lapis Ring made in 9ct Yellow Gold

My client has always loved Lapis Lazuli so came to me wanting a large statement ring with Lapis.

As my client knew the design she wanted and after taking some notes I was able to do a sketch to scale to make sure the ring would work with the size and shape of stone.


The next thing to do was to find a large cabochon cut Lapis stone she would adore.

An absolutely gorgeous Lapis Lazuli was chosen with beautiful flecks of gold shining through the rich blue colour.

The Lapis was set into a smooth polished 9ct yellow gold bowl shaped setting.

This  gave the effect the Lapis was larger than it was while the yellow gold picks up the flecks of gold in the rich blue Lapis stone.

The beautiful leaf shaped shoulders on the ring bring the band and the setting together.


My client now has her stunning show stopping ring!

Handmade Sterling Silver Polished Lava Stone Ring Commission

Handmade Ring Commission by bespoke jewellery designer HR Jewellery Designs

Handmade Black Lava Stone Ring | HR Jewellery Designs West Sussex and Hampshire
HR Jewellery Designs Bespoke Ring Commission | Hampshire bespoke ring commission

My client emailed me to make enquiries about having a ring commissioned. He originally had a rough stone which held beautiful sentiment between himself and his girlfriend.  He had recently had this stone polish into a lovely caboshon cut and was now hoping to have a ring designed and handmade to give to his girlfriend as a surprise. 

Once he had seen several designs he was able to choose a design he thought his girlfriend would love.

The results were beautiful.

Such and elegant, simple design was chosen to show off the Lava Stones flow and curves.

If you have been thinking about commissioning your very own piece of bespoke jewellery, I would love to hear from you.

To find out more please phone the studio on 07970 963 883, or email me at

Alternatively, just click this link 'get in touch' which will take you to an easy to complete form to which you will hear from me really soon.